Is There a Cure for the Teenage Brain?

Are you the parent or teacher of a teenager? Do the words exasperated, frustrated, or fed up come to mind when dealing with them? If so, then this is the session for you. Come find out why teenagers act the way they do. Hint: It all has to do with their brain and its executive functioning. Yes, our teenagers have different brains than we do. Is there a cure? No. But, we can work with them on improving their executive functioning skills and providing the structures for their success.


Executive Functioning Questionnaire

2 thoughts on “Is There a Cure for the Teenage Brain?

  1. I am on your website, and I am interested in downloading your handout for your presentation, “Is there a cure for the teenage brain?”, but I do not see one. Can you please send me your handout?
    Thank you,
    Dee Sudnick
    MSD Counselor
    Faith Academy

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