He Rocked the Vote!

Let’s take a moment to congratulate America’s newest voter.

Voting in Thailand

Yep. Braden voted for the first time tonight in the U.S. Primaries.

We hadn’t planned on having Braden vote today. I’m embarrassed to say that it hadn’t really crossed my mind. Mike and I, after picking Braden up from his exercise session, went to a “Democrats Abroad” event tonight so we could vote. While walking

through the doors, I suddenly remembered, “Braden’s 20!”.

“My son is non-verbal and autistic,” I explained to the woman. “Can he still vote?”

“Of course,” she answered. “As an American citizen, it is his right.”

It. Is. His. Right.

So Braden registered and voted. As we put the ballots in the box, and someone yelled, “First-time voter,” the crowd around us clapped and cheered.

And the waterworks began.

My son voted. He voted!!!!!

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